Author Ray Dalio

There is probably no one better on the entire planet when it comes down to investing in the global markets than Ray Dalio. Throughout his life he managed to build the company that was taking care of billions of dollars from the private investors, making the Bridgewater the 5th most important privately owned company in the US.

Ray Dalio has always been passionate about playing the markets, which is most likely the biggest reason why he became so successful in investing and managing the wealth of others so it’s been invested well, safely, with a good return.

He developed the investing strategies that were perfect for any economy, whether good or bad. Because of his passion for learning and figuring out how the economy works, his company is at the top of the game for the last 30 years and growing.

But it’s not all that this amazing man achieved.

The company, Bridgewater Associates with over 1500 carefully selected employees, is today well known for their unusual business practices, promoting the idea meritocracy, the full transparency at the workplace. The Bridgewater employees are treated more like the partners.

Also, after Ray Dalio resigned from the position of a CEO of the company to retire and enjoy his life, he put his mind the last task that he has to finish. He published the book and writing the second part, called Principles. As you probably get from the name of the book, it’s going to be about the life and business principles responsible for the success and fulfilled life.

The first book is called Principes Life and Work, and the second is Economic and Investment Principles.

In the books, he describes the importance of having own principles that will help get out of life what anyone wants. He talks about his own principles and how they played the biggest part in the phenomenal success in the investing and building the multibillion-dollar company.

Principles Life and Work Ray Dalio