The Definition of B2B and B2C

Much is actually made of what a B2B and what a B2C are. A B2B, by basic or general definition, is the Business to Business dealings which result in business. A B2C, on the other hand, again by the same basic or general definition, is the Business to Consumer which results in a transaction and business.

It is said that a business dealing with the supplying of raw materials to another business that utilizes the raw material to produce goods can be called B2B transactions. The B2B transaction doesn’t involve any transaction from the direct customer and hence, no direct persuasion of the consumers. A B2B business happens only behind the scenes like the involvement of a technical crew in a film.

This turns out to be a good example that watching a film or releasing them on theaters is a Business to Consumer (B2C) transaction and making the film means a Business-to-Business proposition as it involves the necessity of various other services and products and involves other businesses.

It differs from movies only by the fact that the services offered by many can be called profession and not a business. The automobile industry involves a lot of Business to Business transactions. Making a car involves the requirement of the purchase of a lot of raw materials. The one who supplies raw materials can be said to be involved in a B2B Business.

Cars are built as Completely-Built-Units and to be Completely-Built-Units they require seats to be purchased, tires to be purchased and a lot of other accessories to be purchased. All these associated businesses may be said to be involved in Business to Business transactions.

If we are to look into what a Business to Consumer transaction is, it is nothing more than the single point of purchase of the car by the consumer. B2B Marketing Agencies, on the other hand, are into the promotion of businesses, resource optimization, maximizing the return on investments, conducting market research, public relations, feedback and information management, online marketing, social media marketing etc.

They carry out all operations related to ensuring the success of the business or carrying out organizational goals and communicating them to the consumers. It is debated that there is no real difference in marketing strategies when you compare the B2B with the B2C.

When a B2B Marketing Agency acts on behalf of a manufacturer to sell a product the B2B agency doesn’t, in fact, sell the product to make a profit. It is the manufacturer who sells the product. B2B Agencies only help market them and they are dependent only upon the manufacturer for their profits. This way, the term or tag is justified for a marketing agency!